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The Independent Pharmacy Review

The Independent Pharmacy Preview

Sometimes you can’t or don’t want to make it out to your local pharmacy. The Independent Pharmacy makes it possible to do it all online. Search for Your Medication Needs. The homepage makes it extremely easy to navigate the site. With a large search box, you can just type in your condition or the treatment you need. You’ll get a full list of over-the-counter medicine to put in your shopping cart and buy. The search function will bring up a list of options as you type, in case you want to search for something specific.

Not sure about what you really need? You can contact The Independent Pharmacy easily by phone. The number is listed clearly at the top to make sure you get the right medication. An email address is also available, but phone is much quicker.

Out of the Way Menu Bar

The menu can be easily missed, which could be a downside. It’s a button at the top, keeping the menu bar out of the way while you browse. This is where you can find the prescription option, making it easier to order your repeat prescriptions and get them delivered for free to your door. You will need to create an account, but this is easily done following the on-screen form.

All major payment options are taken when checking out. The bottom of the page also makes it clear that The Independent Pharmacy is recommended by quality care regulations.

The website keeps things very simple, which is great for those who aren’t tech savvy. You just need to put in the details of your ailment or necessary treatment and you’ll get everything you could need. If you do have a promo code, this can be added to the checkout section and you can get your medications on your way.