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About Living DNA

Image map of a family DNA testThe Living DNA test was developed to help the public understand more about their background and the ancestral trail in stark detail. They were the very first company to market an accurate test that gives people the ability to map their British ancestry to any one of the 21 regions in the UK or 80 worldwide depending on whether their descendants travelled at any time in the past. Anyone can enjoy this revolution in scientific DNA profiling which is now not just confined to criminal investigations but can be enjoyed by all wishing to unlock their past.

DNA tests are no longer confined to finding parentage of children or criminal investigations these days. With Living DNA anyone can unmistakably research their past and find out where their origins lie regardless where in the world your ancestors may have descended from. The site is easy to navigate and most of the links are to information pages giving more details on the process of the DNA test and how it works. The ‘how it works’ tab Provides information on every step of the process, first step is payment, after that the test kit is posted out to you. The kit simply comprises of a mouth swab which is used and then posted back by free return postage. After 10 to 12 weeks your DNA results with be available to view online and can be accessed at any time.

To book a DNA test just enter your name and click continue. Once happy with the basket contents you can advance to the checkout where codes can be added by entering any voucher code to the box below the order overview. There’s a popup help section to guide users through the buying process. Payment can be made by Paypal, debit and credit card or by Stripe payments. Any discount credited by the use of a code can be reviewed at the payment stage. There are 2 different methods of delivery depending on how quick you would like your test to arrive, the return cost is included in the one-off cost.

The full company contact details can be found using the link on the footer these include the full postal address, email and telephone number. The help centre is really handy and includes almost every question you would care to ask. The DNA test is not likely something I would contemplate but for some who are curious about their past it could prove very interesting and incredibly revealing. I would rather keep the past in the past but that’s just me.