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Govype Review

Handfuls of Vype products

Go Vype is a major e-cigarette website that draws the attention to the legalities of vaping. The first pop up is requesting the user to say if they are over 18 or not. These aren’t really effective, as anyone can just click to say they are old enough, but it’s a legal requirement. The website is crisp and clean, making it easy to look through the pages and find the product a user wants. With a simple white background and black text there is no issue of colour-blindness causing a problem.

Having a menu at the top of the page makes it easy for people to navigate, but there’s one big thing missing: a search bar. How can someone just quickly look for something specific without hoping they click the right page? In fact, there isn’t a search box anywhere on the homepage!

It also takes a person to scroll to the very bottom to find the contact information. This could be displayed much more prominently. At least all the menu buttons work as expected. The individual pages are clean and it isn’t too difficult to find exactly what you could need.